Helpdesk Remote Support

We offer our clients remote support through secure software which allows us to safely connect to your machine. To grant access, download and run the relevant software below:

windows helpddesk remote support

Windows PC/Laptop Remote Support

helpddesk remote support

Apple iMac/Macbook Remote Support

Using this software, you provide us with a password shown on your screen which then grants us access your machine remotely, wherever you are in the world., enabling us to diagnose and resolve software and hardware issues without the need for site visits (saving you both time and money!).


Step 1

Download the relevant support tool for your machine (Windows for PCs or laptops, Apple for iMacs or Macbooks)


Windows PC/Laptop Remote Support


Apple iMac/Macbook Remote Support

Step 2

Select RUN if/when prompted and RUN again..


Inernet Explorer 8 RUN prompt

Step 3

Give our technician your ID and watch as our technicians start working to resolve the issue.


Your ID will be displayed on screen