kwikvoice VoIP Phone System

Save time, effort and money with our next generation hosted telecoms platform. As technology has evolved, so has the way we all communicate, enabling us to utilise the wonder of the internet to help reduce the cost of local, national and international calls.

kwikvoice VoIP phone system

Advanced Functionality

Boasting a wealth of features and functionality, it helps increase productivity

affordable kwikvoice VoIP phone system


Low call costs and line rentals to local, national & international numbers

scalability kwikvoice VoIP phone system


From one user to a thousand, it is a flexible system which can grow alongside your business

Find out more about the features and benefits of a hosted VoIP system below.

More info, features & benefits

functional - kwikvoice VoIP Phone SystemWhat is VoIP?

kwikvoice VoIP phone system, a pckwikfix product, is Voice over Internet Protocol system (VoIP) which utilises the internet to make calls as opposed to standard telephone line.


A VoIP system uses purpose made VoIP phones which boast a multitude of features, including unified communications as standard; we can set your mobile phone to ring when your desk-phone rings, plus:

  • Call queuing – never miss a call!
  • Call recording – maintain quality and security
  • Hunt groups – group phones to ring together when a specified number is called
  • Automated in-call menus – filter calls through to the correct department
  • Hold and transfer – quickly and effectively transfer calls
  • Custom voice message or hold music of your choice (optional)
  • Withheld number (optional)
  • Call statistics information available

Additional features/services
  • SIP hardware supply
  • Telephone number hosting
  • Virtual presence – choose any local UK number (Glasgow 0141, London 020, etc.)
  • Revenue generation numbers (0845, 0860, etc.)
  • Freephone numbers (such as 0800)

seamless - kwikvoice VoIP Phone SystemMaking the move

We understands the value of having a reliable and telephone system in place at all times. As such, we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition from your existing telephone infrastructure to your new system, and will aim to have your new hosted system up and running as quickly as possible.


offsite - kwikvoice VoIP Phone SystemHosted PBX


KwikVoice as a hosted PBX is a complete telephone system which is stored off site, meaning the core technology and equipment used to provide the service is stored at another secure location, saving you time, space and money.

Features & benefits;

  • No need for an expensive on-site PBX system
  • Hosted system connects via your existing network (through your router)
  • Choose any UK telephone number(s) for your business and gain a virtual presence
  • Multiple telephone numbers can be linked to your KwikVoice system
  • Reduced call costs
  • Portable telephone number – take your number with you if you move premises
  • Automated call menus available
  • On hold music/custom voice messages optional
  • Transfer calls easily
  • Record calls
  • Voicemail to email
  • … and much more!

On Premises PBX


premises - kwikvoice VoIP Phone SystemOn-site PBX phone systems work exactly the same way as the hosted system however all the processing, routing and features are dealt with by the onsite PBX rather than a hosted off-site PBX.

Unlike hosted PBX systems, an on-site system allows multiple providers, providing extra capacity and  resilience.

This lets us tailor your telephone package to suit your requirements by utilising the most cost effective provider for outbound calls, another for incoming calls, another for international calls and so on. Just another way of helping you save money!

kwikvoice VoIP phone system