ISDN Phone Lines & Telephone Systems

ISDN phone lines are business-only digital voice services which improves the clarity and quality of calls.

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Low call costs, channel rental & no call connection fees

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Premium Care Available

Care over and above our standard package, providing 24/7 cover 365 days a year.

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Hassle Free

Transfer your existing service to us free of charge and experience no downtime! 

Available as part of a 12 month contract find out more below or contact us for more information.

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lineISDN2 & ISDN30

We offer two variations of ISDN phone lines , both providing crystal clear telephony but with a different number of channels:

2 channels, permitting 2 concurrent calls
Between 8 & 30 channels, permitting between 8 & 30 concurrent calls 

No Downtime

You can expect your new ISDN service to be up and running from 10 days after placing your order with no downtime or change to your physical system.

What does that mean? No downtime for you or your business!


Service & Hardware

phoneIn addition to providing a new service (or taking over an existing service), we can supply and install a complete telephone system including service, migration, rental and hardware.

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