Remote Data Backups from kwikbackup

kwikbackup, our remote backup solution, offers the flexibility to  choose what to backup; from entire servers to the most important business files only, you only pay for what you want to backup. With kwikbackup, your data is stored off premises, on not only one, but three UK data centres and is protected by UK data protection laws.

Unlimited file sizes - remote data backups by pckwikfix


Store what you need – regardless of file size! From one file to a million (or more), the peace of mind granted by having your files regularly backed up is invaluable.

protected - remote data backups by pckwikfix


A Business Continuity Agreement ensures that in the event of anything happening to us or our service, your data is available for at least 6 months.

affordable - remote data backups by pckwikfix


We believe in offering you the best products at the best prices, contact us to find out more about our remote backup services.

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