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We specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining both business grade and home IP CCTV systems. IP CCTV systems provide flexibility and affordability whilst enabling users to take advantage of the many features such as remote viewing.

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Strategically positioned for optimum security

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Remote viewing capabilities for compatible devices

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Secure access to recorded and live footage

Of course, being a specialist product, we can offer assistance in designing and implementing a system tailored to your needs. Find out more about the steps involved and how we can help below.

What’s involved and how can we help?



A beginning to end service to help ensure the system specifications meet your requirements; our ultimate goal is to provide a high quality, professional service which not only meets but exceeds your expectations and high standards.

project management - kwiksecurity CCTV from pckwikfixProject Managed CCTV

From beginning to end, we will work closely with you to design a CCTV system which suits your requirements.

Once the perfect solution has been selected, our engineers will work towards an agreed time scale, happily working alongside any other contractors you may have on site at the same time to help achieve your milestones!

Maintaining Your CCTV

We offer annual maintenance options alongside any CCTV system which involves regular reviews of your system via remote access and can also include site visits to ensure cameras and equipment are functioning properly.

In addition, our experienced engineers are happy to reposition and/or adjust cameras as part of the annual maintenance plan.

health safety kwiksecurity CCTV from pckwikfixHealth & Safety

Our engineers are accredited to CSCS standard and regularly attend supplier and Health and Safety training courses to go beyond the minimum standards of heath and safety. We have a target of zero accidents and/or incidents in the work place.


Remote Viewing


Our systems have remote access as standard and, upon request, we can install microphones enabling audio to accompany the video.Microphones can be invaluable in areas where high value goods are stored and also in customer facing areas, enabling you to maintain security and customer service standards on a higher level.

If required, we can arrange the internet access needed to utilise remote monitoring. If you are unsure if you’re system will be compatible, our remote monitoring systems can be accessed via the following platforms:

  • – iOS (iPhone)
  • – Android (Samsung, HTC, etc.)
  • – Mac OS (Apple Mac)
  • – PC (Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 & 8)

We will of course be more than happy to help you through the process at all times. Similarly if you have any queries, please do get in touch.

IP Camera/Server Installations


IP CCTV cameras offer a space saving solution ideal for situations where live viewing is required.The cameras are connected directly to the network, cutting out the requirement of a DVR (digital video recorder) which saves space and cost.

The cameras are allocated a local IP address and can be viewed from any machine in the local network, however it is also possible to assign an external IP allowing external viewing if required.

IP cameras can be a useful, cost effective method of enabling staff to view a part of the premises which can be unmanned at times (for example the reception) from a different part of the building (back office).

If you think IP cameras may be what you’re after or if you have some questions, let us know what we can do to help.

 kwiksecurity CCTV from pckwikfix