Onsite Data Backups with Backup Assist

Boasting many features and flexibility, pckwikfix are a proud reseller of BackupAssist, the world class onsite data backup solution for businesses.

data backup - backup assist from pckwikfix

Simple, fast & predictable data backup of Windows Servers, applications, data & systems


data restore - backup assist from pckwikfix

Easy to use Restore Control, with granular restore tools for Exchange, Hyper-V & SQL backup


data recovery - backup assist from pckwikfix

Customised bare-metal recovery to same or dissimilar hardware, using RecoverAssist


Accidental data loss is unfortunately a scenario which happens all too often, hence why it’s so important to protect one of your most valuable assets – your data. BackupAssist makes the process of data backup and protection simple and fast by performing automatic, scheduled data backups of Windows Servers, meaning you’ll benefit from peace of mind knowing your data is regularly backed up and easily accessible if and when required (but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that).

Features & Add-ons

data backup - backup assist from pckwikfixSimple and easy to use, low cost and feature rich

Simple and easy to use, low cost and feature rich, BackupAssist is designed specifically to address the needs of small and medium sized businesses. BackupAssist guides you through setting up multiple scheduled backup jobs to build a comprehensive layered backup strategy for your business in minutes.

With a clear and easy to use interface and setup wizards, backup jobs take only minutes to configure allowing you to backup everything from specific files to complete servers. Choose from one of the many pre-configured media rotation strategies to help manage your pool of backup devices and destination folders, and use the built in media labeling and preparation to keep track of and send alerts when backup devices need to be changed.

BackupAssist also provides easy to read reports via email making it easy to monitor the status of your backups and backup media.

multi layer data backup - backup assist from pckwikfix

Multi Layered Backups

Having a single backup of all the data on the sever is not always the best solution – it’s great if you need to recover from a disaster but not ideal if you just need to replace an accidentally deleted email or file. For this reason BackupAssist provides multiple job types that can overlap to provide many layers of protection.

An additional benefit of layering backups is that you are no longer reliant on just one backup type. Should you have a complete disaster where you lose both the server and the last local backup, it’s a definite benefit to have a second off site backup to fall back on.

Protection options include:
  • Disk imaging with super fast differential updates
  • Files and Folders archive backup with large history
  • Application specific backups for VSS aware applications (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint)
  • System State and Active directory backup to help role back a server OS to a previous stable version
  • Automatic off site data replication and archiving

hardware data backup - backup assist from pckwikfix

Wide support of different hardware and destinations

Choose from a wide range of destinations. Whether you use low cost USB removable drives or dedicated NAS devices there are many options to make use of the backup media you have. BackupAssist takes the hard work out of managing a pool of removable devices and fully automates the task – simply tell BackupAssist how many devices you have in a pool and it will organise and label them for you. By keeping track of drives and tapes it is no longer an issue if the wrong media has been left in as the job will warn you but continue to run if required.

Range of supported hardware & destinations
  • Removable USB drives
  • NAS
  • Tape drives
  • iSCSI targets
  • Local directories
  • Windows shares
  • REV drives
  • Rdx drives
  • Blu Ray, CD, DVD

cloud data backup - backup assist from pckwikfixCloud ready’ Internet backups using Rsync

BackupAssist makes it easy to achieve fully automated, VSS aware and bandwidth efficient off-site backups using the popular Rsync protocol – available as an add-on for BackupAssist or as a standalone product.

Send your sensitive data to your own remote windows server, NAS or hosted Rsync cloud storage securely and automatically. Rsync works at a file block level and only the data within the files that has changed needs to be sent over the WAN connection making it ideally suited to low bandwidth Internet connections.

granular data backup - backup assist from pckwikfixGranular restore from Exchange (Exchange 2007 onwards)

While the BackupAssist core product provides the ability to backup your entire Exchange Server’s Storage Group and Information Store, the BackupAssist Exchange Granular Restore add-on allows you to drill down into these backups and restore individual mailbox data from a previous point in time. Simply select any backup that contains an Exchange database, open and browse individual mailboxes and preview the contents of emails, contacts, notes, tasks and appointments.

The easy-to-use console can then be used to re-import this specific data directly to any user’s mailbox on the existing or new Exchange Server. Alternatively, the missing data can also be exported to an Outlook PST file.

sql data backup - backup assist from pckwikfixNear continuous backup of SQL databases

For constantly changing Microsoft SQL databases, relying on a single daily backup of the data is not necessarily the ideal option. For these scenarios the BackupAssist SQL add-on can be used to provide not only a secondary daily full backup of the database but also a near continuous backup of the transaction logs which, if required, can be used to restore a database back to a specific point in time.

Multiple ‘SQL’ jobs can be created to backup an unlimited number of databases from any number of SQL servers on the network from a single installation of BackupAssist.

hyper vHyper-V Granular Restore Console

This add-on provides simple and flexible backup of Hyper-V servers. Create an image of your entire Hyper-V host machine with a single pass backup job. Using the Granular restore console this single image backup can be used for disaster recovery, restoring a specific virtual machine or to drill down into the backup and restore specific files and folders from within Virtual Machine file systems.

By utilising the imaging engine Hyper-V servers can benefit from multiple daily snapshot backups with differential imaging support on local and iSCSI destinations to provide a highly granular backup strategy.

recovery assist data backup - backup assist from pckwikfixBare Metal Disaster Recovery with RecoverAssist

RecoverAssist is a superior replacement for the Windows Recovery Environment. Easily create your own custom recovery media on CD/DVD or USB pen drive with a simple to use wizard that lets you include your own device drivers from DriverPacks.net or manufacturer discs. Recover to dissimilar hardware from images located on HDD, Network Shares and RDX drives as well as from iSCSI targets or VHD containers.

Recover assist also helps you avoid many Microsoft Blue Screen Of Death problems by providing a useful set of diagnostic tools to help adjust the appropriate settings within a windows installation that is refusing to boot.

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