Onsite Data Backups with Backup Assist

Boasting many features and flexibility, pckwikfix are a proud reseller of BackupAssist, the world class onsite data backup solution for businesses.

data backup - backup assist from pckwikfix

Simple, fast & predictable data backup of Windows Servers, applications, data & systems


data restore - backup assist from pckwikfix

Easy to use Restore Control, with granular restore tools for Exchange, Hyper-V & SQL backup


data recovery - backup assist from pckwikfix

Customised bare-metal recovery to same or dissimilar hardware, using RecoverAssist


Accidental data loss is unfortunately a scenario which happens all too often, hence why it’s so important to protect one of your most valuable assets – your data. BackupAssist makes the process of data backup and protection simple and fast by performing automatic, scheduled data backups of Windows Servers, meaning you’ll benefit from peace of mind knowing your data is regularly backed up and easily accessible if and when required (but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that).

Features & Add-ons
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data backup from pckwikfix